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Welcome to the fist official website of Lanzer D. Schulzke!

This site has been established as a fund raiser, so that I can serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The site includes links for you to see the product that will be sold along with a link to contact my business and make an order!

It is evident that here in Toronto it is not easy to get a hold of the beautiful art work that the church has to offer us members.  With this site comes the easiest way possible for you to get a hold of these beautiful framed pictures of the Saviour and other wonderful art work of the church.

Please take a moment and look through the catalogue to see what this fundraiser has to offer!

Thank You,

Lanzer D. Schulzke



                Site Feature...

                        5 X 7 Glass framed painting of the Saviour ONLY $ 4.00